Born in the no-mans land of taxation without representation and raised in the Big Pineapple of Honolulu, Audrey thought it was a brilliant idea to move to Boston in the dead of winter to attend Berklee College of Music. She survived and even got a degree in Audio Engineering to prove it. Since exposing herself to the real world after college,  Audrey has made a name for herself in the music community, namely as a dance fiddler specializing in New England, Celtic and Old Time tunes. She occasionally has been known to use her audio engineering skills to put her degree to use as well. With her bands including the Free Raisins, The Gaslight Tinkers, Wake Up Robin and Audacious with Larry Unger, she has travelled across the United States (and world) playing for dances and concerts. Audrey’s fiddling can be described as rhythmically lively and spontaneous; she's guaranteed to get you up and dancing.


Select Camps She’s Taught:

-CDSS Timber Ridge American Musician Course

-John C. Campbell Folk School

-BACDS American Week 

-Ashokan Northern Week

-Pinewoods Labor Day Weekend

-Pinewoods English Scottish Contra week

-Pinewoods FolkDays (International week)

-Pinewoods (Swing into Summer)

-Contra Dancers Delight Holiday (Summer week)


Select Festivals:

-Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

-Old Songs Folk Festival

-LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival)

-Burning Man (Contra Camp)

-Dance Flurry 

-NEFFA (New England Folk Festival)

-Seattle Folklife Festival


Links to Bands: